Good Morning New Orleans / NOLA Flavor

Shrimp and grits sauce

Add no salt; season with shrimp base for salt

1 gal dice onion

½ gal dice green bell pepper

½ gal dice celery

¼ cup chopped garlic

½ gallon ¼ cut  andouille

1 quart slice green onion

1 cup chopped parsley

½ gal shrimp stock

2 qt milk

3 quarts heavy cream

6 ea bayleaf

2 cup flour

1 tbsp blk peper

1 tea cayenne

Use shrimp base as salt about a ¼ cup


Sweat sausage on med heat for 10 min, then add all veg and sweat until soft about 20 min. Sprinkle flour and cook 3 min. Slowly add milk bring to a simmer stirring with a whisk to break up the lumps. Add all other ingredients, then add cream. Adjust seasoning with shrimp paste and pepper.


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