Keep on walking! It’s National Walking Day!

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Growing up your parents always told you that walking is good for you, but how good is it exactly?

“If you can get out there and walk for 150 minutes a week, you will lower your blood pressure, lower your cholesterol, and promote weight loss,”  Dr. Penny Walker with United Healthcare said.

Today is the American Heart Association’s National Walking Day.   Knowing all the health benefits, why wouldn’t you want to walk?

“Lace on your tennis shoes.  Get out and walk for 15 to 20 minutes,”   Dr. Walker said.

Dr. Walker said a very good way to keep track of your steps is with a pedometer.  Pedometers help to set walking goals which can make a difference in your health.

“One in two men are at risk for heart disease, and one in three women are at risk for heart disease,”  Dr. Walker said.

To encourage walking, United Healthcare and The American Heart Association have built 150 walking paths.  Palmer park on Carrollton Avenue recently added a new walking path.

In Louisiana alone, heart disease and strokes claim more than 10-thousand lives a year.   Walking a few hours a day can help reduce the risk.

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