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Crawling the Streets for Delicious Eats

It’s not a “dine and dash,” it’s a “Dishcrawl!”

The concept plays off the traditional pub crawl, but instead of traveling from bar to bar, participants go from one restaurant to the next. The experience is a true foodie’s delight and it’s new to the Crescent City.

The inaugural crawl took place in the Carrollton neighborhood, starting at One Restaurant and Lounge and ending at Sara’s. Crawl organizer Brad Gillette says, “One of the most special aspects is that you get to meet the people behind the food, whether it’s the chefs making the food or the restaurant owners who’ve built the atmosphere.”

Manny Galvez, owner of La Macarena, the second stop along the crawl, prepared a plate of plantains, sweet corn tamal with crema, black beans and guacamole with family recipes from Ecuador. The stop was a crowd favorite, especially with a group of tourists from New York.

The Dishcrawl is not just a great way to explore the city’s cuisine for visitors. New Orleans native Meredith Simons also enjoyed the experience, especially the tiramisu from Sara’s, “I went to some places tonight I’d never been to before and it was really cool just to try different places.”

There are already other Dishcrawls planned for the future down Oak Street and along the Irish Channel. For more information you can visit


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