North Shore Women Help Bras & Business Take Off

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She’s the mastermind behind this video and the bra strap dilemma. She’s a North Shore woman whose little idea made it big.

“The way they work is you just take the little hook and you hook it into any strapless or convertible bra and you can change the strap to match your look,” says Ooh La Bra founder & CEO Lisa McKenzie, “I just got inspired one day. I said I’m going to create a black and gold bra strap, that was sort of my only intention, but then once I discovered how many women loved the idea of having a bra strap that was designed to be seen I grew a collection of up to about 100 different styles.”

McKenzie’s business isn’t even three years old yet, but she knew it was getting too big for just only one person to handle. That’s when she turned to Susan Bopp for help, another North Shore woman who recently launched a website aimed at promoting North Shore businesses and supporting ideas.

“Do I want to turn it into an Idea Village for the North Shore? Not exactly, but I absolutely want to connect people and ideas on the North Shore with the Idea Village of New Orleans,” says Susan Bopp, founder of, “Just bringing people together for the good of individuals and the good of the community. Success breeds success, so once we get people to think about what they are individually good at, what they can bring to the table and we start to put those people together than amazing things can happen.”

Lisa McKenzie’s bra straps are in 250 stores across the country. They are even in the Grand Cayman, Canada, and in Australia. Now with Susan Bopps help she hopes to take her business to the next level.

Two women working together; McKenzie focused on her business and Bopp focused on everyone else’s Together they are changing lives one bra strap and one idea at a time.

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