News with a Twist

Strung Out: Noteworthy Jewelry

It invites you in, and excites your imagination: elegant, up-cycled jewelry, made from the resurrection of broken guitar strings.

Naomi Celestin, creator of Restrung Jewelry, has a secret cleaning process to remove the black markings on the strings. Then, she sketches a design and gets to work. The creations are each unique, handcrafted and take several hours to complete.

Restrung Jewelry’s flagship store opened at 538 St. Philip St. in the French Quarter this February. It is a quaint nook, complete with a workshop.

Along with using ethically sourced gemstones and recycled packaging, Naomi donates a portion of her proceeds to the New Orleans Musicians Clinic…  her alms to the music gods, and the crafty hands who spun the first gold out of the guitar strings.

If you are interested in donating old, broken strings… or shopping for Restrung Jewelry, visit the website

You can learn more about the New Orleans Musicians Clinic and the work they do at


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