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Los Islenos Fiesta

ST. BERNARD, LA – Welcome to the Los Isleños Fiesta; a festival celebrating Louisiana’s Spanish heritage.

It was full of music, food, dancing … you name it, people of all ages headed here over the weekend to do it.

The party now in its 37th year certainly has a mission: organizers say it’s a great opportunity for people to get back to their roots.

“The word isleños means islanders,” explains Dot Benge. “It refers to specifically our people that came to Louisiana from the Canary Islands beginning in 1778. We came here, and our mission was to protect and populate the colony for Spain to protect against British encroachment.”

The goal of this annual fiesta is to preserve the culture, and it continues to grow and educate young and old alike about Louisiana’s Spanish heritage.

Get more information about the Los Isleños organization on their webpage:


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