Lil Wayne Hospitalized


Rapper and New Orleans native Lil Wayne was hospitalized Friday night and in critical condition according to the website

At one point Friday evening, the website reported Wayne was on life support.  Later in the evening, TMZ reported Wayne was stabilizing.

Wayne’s publicist says the rapper is recovering from a seizure in the hospital and strongly denies he was in a medically induced coma which was also reported by TMZ.

Initially, Wayne was hospitalized earlier in the week after suffering a seizure and released only to return to the hospital for more treatment.

According to TMZ, tests showed Wayne had high levels of codeine in his system.

Lil Wayne’s Twitter account posted a message saying, “I’m good everybody.  Thx for the prayers and love.”


1 Comment to “Lil Wayne Hospitalized”

    Sunshine said:
    April 10, 2013 at 6:03 AM

    GOD get off drugs

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