That’s a Wrap! Treme Wardrobe Sale

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James Dumont, known on Treme as Richard Lafouchette, is just shopping the Treme costume sale. He loved his character so much, he came to claim his belongings from the set.

“I was the Sheriff’s Captain at the OPP with Melissa Leo for four seasons… I went through many, many shoes. I found the boots I was looking for, I wanted them worn in and I wanted to find my name tag. I found my name tags so I’m all excited about that. Even the costume folks were like ‘hey, what’s going on, what are you doing’, I was like I’m looking for clothes,” says Dumont.

Everyone loves a bargain. Carrie Lazar played a police officer on the show, but she didn’t want her uniform back, just one last chance to appreciate all the show offered “You see all these outfits of the people who were wearing them and they were the people of the Treme area in that episode so it’s really neat. This is like a little taste of New Orleans. ”

Coats, shoes, all the beautiful clothes you saw on Treme, could end up in your wardrobe. The best part is the majority of what’s not sold during the sale will be donated to charity.

Laura Schweigman the Associate Producer of Treme organized the wrap sale, “the crew worked really hard to organize things and get things together, we did some pre-donations so it’s a lot of work to make sure a lot of what we have goes to a good cause.”

Liberties Kitchen, Cafe Reconcile, Dress for Success and Operation Hope will all benefit. A last tip of the hat to the Crescent City.

“It was such a great love affair between Treme and the city of New Orleans and they finally got New Orleans right, ” says James Dumont.

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