News with a Twist

Fred Heebe may be a free man, but he’s not an innocent one

Wow, what a bombshell.   The Feds announce they are no longer pursuing landfill owner Fred Heebe and his company River Birch.  The question now is: did the Feds stop the Heebe/River Birch investigation because no crime was committed, or because the Feds didn’t want to suffer any further embarrassment from The U.S. attorney’s office?

I’d have to go with the latter.

First, lets give Fred Heebe credit.   The landfill owner didn’t back down when the Feds were closing in.  Nope, he did the exact opposite.   Heebe went on the offensive.   He took the fight to the Feds and ultimately won.

Heebe goes free and Jim Letten loses his job.  But is Heebe innocent?   I doubt it.   Let’s not forget the $160 million dollar contract for Jefferson Parish’s trash that was voided.   Heebe promised huge savings to the parish but an independent audit revealed the opposite.  The parish would have lost tens of millions over the life of the Heebe/River Birch deal.  The parish wisely cancelled the contract.

Heebe won’t be fighting that decision.  And Heebe won’t be fighting the Feds anymore either.  He’s a free man.  Just not an innocent one.


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