Young Actors Planning Charity Performance Saturday Afternoon

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No doubt, you know how the film industry is booming in Louisiana.  But it’s not just people who work in Hollywood South who are benefitting.

Actress Jaqueline Fleming is one of the people who is playing a big part of the film industry in the state.  Her IMDB page includes roles in Louisiana shot films like Red, Contraband, and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.

Fleming also owns and runs an acting studio at 3121 Metairie Road, and she’s teaching her youngest students that being a successful actor means more than breaking a leg, so to speak.

“They wrote all the scenes,” Fleming says of an upcoming show her students will present on Saturday, March 2 at 3:00 pm.

The students wrote and even directed their own sketches and will allow the public to see them for free.  They will be collecting donations at the door to give to two area programs, Big Brothers and Big Sisters as well as Children’s Hospital.

Some of the students have experience with one or the other donation recipients.  All of them say it’s important to use their gifts to help others.

WGNO News attended a dress rehearsal for Saturday’s show.  Fleming also organized some corporate cooperation that will match all donations.

By combining firm coaching and a lot of love, she hopes her students will go on to have successful acting careers on the stage, tv, big screen and in their communities.