Nothing Is Certain In St Tammany Other Than Death & The Taxes Needed To Pay For It

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“Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me” is how the old saying goes but apparently it has not been absorbed by the citizens of St Tammany. We know this because a brewing scandal has erupted over the apparent abuse of public money by Parish Coroner Peter Galvan who has eaten over $36,000 worth of food at the OPM diner while lavishing $40 large on a crony to “detail coroner fleet vehicles” (I). I don’t know about you but when someone comes to pick up my room temperature carcass I will care not whether the tires have been “Armor Alled™”.

A group calling itself the Concerned Citizens of St. Tammany has asked Parish President Pat Brister to give Galvan a good old fashioned, mob-style whacking, saying his agency has committed an “outrageous and arrogant abuse … of taxpayer funds.” While Galvan may be guilty of that charge I have to ask who the nitwits were that granted a “Coroner” so lavish a budget to start with!? That would be the bourgeoise voters of St Tammany, who back during the boom of 2004(2) thought themselves to be so permanently wealthy they granted 4 mills of property-taxpayer dough to an office that is in-charge of knowing the whereabouts of people who are immobile.

What I want to know is why any self-governing “property owner” would vote a pox on their house through property taxes, especially knowing that the Sheriff of Nottingham and his deputized army are all too willing to slap liens, and auction notices on property for non-payment?

Besides, doesn’t EVERY citizen “benefit” from the existence of a government funded coroner? If so, then why not slap a “Quincy” (M.E.) tax on sales so everyone can share in the joy of Galvan’s enjoyment of dinner “on the house”?

I suspect that the nitwittery that voted for the coroner’s property tax millage(3) are the same ones complaining today over a wound they inflicted on themselves. These geniuses have turned Ben Franklin’s adage about death and taxes upside down to read “Nothing is certain, save for death & taxes to pay for it.”


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The result of this ballot issue was as close as it could be and seeing all the controversy arising from its result, maybe should have triggered a recount. The initiative appeared on the ballot as: Parishwide — (Coroner’s Tax) 4 Mills – PC – 20 Yrs. and the final tally was:

YES 50.93% or 46820 votes
NO 49.07% or 45111 votes