Slidell Pet Groomer Charged With Cruelty To Animals

stewart_arrested She’s accused of slamming dogs onto grooming tables to make them obey.

Now the North Shore pet groomer has been booked for animal cruelty.

People in the pet grooming business say they’d long heard rumors of abuse at a competitor’s shop.

Friday, Slidell Police had gathered enough evidence to arrest 42-year old Christina Stewart.

She was booked on aggravated cruelty — to the animals she was paid to take care for.

“I would be very angry, and upset you know,” said pet groomer Heather Decaro said. “You drop off your animal for a nice day of grooming, and find out they did something like that.”

Investigators say two employees at ‘A Jazzy Dog Pet Grooming’ came forward with claims that Stewart, the owner, would frequently slam dogs onto the grooming table, and choke them with a leash.

“I don’t understand how you can abuse an animal,”  pet groomer Courtney Willumitis said.

While those allegations were under investigation, police say a potential employee was later horrified, when Stewart demonstrated how to force a dog that refused to stand to obey.

According to detectives, Stewart again slammed the dog on the grooming table.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter asked, “Did that employee take the job? No she walked out that afternoon after she witnessed this type of cruelty being displayed by the owner of the business,” Slidell Police Chief Randy Smith replied.

Chief Randy Smith says when questioned by detectives, Stewart tried to explain the alleged abuse.

“She claimed she had to discipline these dogs or gain obedience,” Chief Smith said.

Workers at Mary’s Bed and Biscuit say that’s no excuse.

“We don’t abuse our animals, we do not,” Willumitis said. “We take care of our animals.” “It doesn’t matter if they bite, or they scratch or anything we don’t hurt our animals; and we take very good care of them,” Willumitis said.

“I don’t understand people,” Decaro said. “I don’t understand why people do stuff like this.”

Slidell Police are still investigating alleged abuse at the shop.

Now that there’s been an arrest, they expect more pet owners will come forward; which could result in more charges.


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