Ray Nagin pleads not guilty to 21 bribery charges

captureFormer New Orleans mayor C. Ray Nagin pleaded not guilty to 21 charges of bribery Wednesday morning in federal court.

Judge Sally Shushan set Nagin’s bond at $100,000, and he will remain free until his trial date of April 29, 2013.

Nagin is accused of taking bribes offered by three city contractors. Two of them, Rodney Williams and Frank Fradella, will testify against him. The third, Mark St. Pierre, is already serving time for bribing Nagin’s technology officer, Greg Meffert, and has offered to testify in exchange for shaving time off his sentence.

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  • robert

    the only mayor that was living in dallas during all his time as mayor ……….i want to be new orleans mayor
    i will make my home in key west and fly every week to go to work

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