Galileo Would Lose An Election To Mary Landrieu

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H.L. Mencken was a writer and satirist in the first half of last century. In one of his more famous compositions he wrote of the American electorate “The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth. A Galileo could no more be elected President of the United  States than he could be elected Pope of Rome.”1 This quote should come in handy when trying to explain how in the Wide Wide World of Sports, Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, was elected to a 3rd term.

As it stands now that collected mass of ignorati known as the citizenry of LA, approves of the “job” Landrieu is doing2, bringing home our “respect” from the crime family of Washington D.C. This as LA is soon to meet our loan shark maker when we have to actually pay our own Medicaid bills. Last year the Bayou state spent $6.9 BILLION in Medicaid, $5.6 BILLION of which was ransomed from the Feds. The only reason that bill has not come due is because of the Caponian efforts of Landrieu to insure the continuance of “Katrina, supplemental funding” 5.

Not to mention that Landrieu’s vote in March of 2010 guaranteed the passage of “ObamaCare”, complete with its “bribe” I mean “appropriation” known as the “Louisiana Purchase”3. That Landrieu would’t know the term federalist if it showed up in her brothers hand, freshly larded with “federal money” should be well known.

Back during the ObamaCare debate Landrieu was asked where the U.S. Constitution permitted the tyranny of medical death panels and insurance requirements. She famously responded that she didn’t know but:  “Well, we’re very lucky as members of the Senate to have constitutional lawyers on our staff, so I’ll let them answer that.”

So the office holder does not know the extent of her own elected positions power and yet re-election seems assured!? The LA GOP is said to be frantically looking for someone, ANYONE to oppose the sheople’s choice, apparently conceding that a sacrificial, fake conservative is needed.

I offer as a counter proposal that I DO KNOW the extent of powers a U.S. Senator wields and where it comes from and like H.Ross Perot, if no one wants to take the thankless job of opposing Landrieu for the Senate, then sign me up and let the “debate” begin, and you don’t have to call me Galileo.