$750 Reward For Dog Missing From Veterinary Hospital In Mandeville Area

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The Humane Society of Louisiana announced a $750 reward for the safe return of a missing Mandeville dog.  The Humane Society is putting up $500 of the reward and the pet’s owner is supplying the additional $250.
The missing dog is a chocolate Yorkipoo that was being boarded at the Northlake Veterinary Hospital at 2480 N. Causeway Blvd.  According to the Humane Society, a worker at the clinic left the dog unattended outdoors allowing it to get out of a portable kennel and wander away.
The Humane Society is also using social media outlets like Facebook to spread the word.
The dog’s name is Bella.  Her owner, Crystal Reese, says she has scoured the area searching for the dog and is very distraught over the disappearance.
Anyone with information on the dog should call Reese at 985-276-0830 or the Humane Society of Louisiana at 1-888-6-Humane.


  • Roxane

    Curious: Why is the Humane Society putting up part of the reward for this pup? Does it do this for every missing animal?

  • Cynthia

    Also Curious, why isn't the veterinary clinic putting up the reward when they are the ones responsible for losing the pup.

  • Cheryl Bialota

    I think Northlake vet needs to step up to the plate and make it $2,500.00 I know you cannot put a price on a living life but they lost little Bella. I still I am so outrage that this has happen. Crystal had put her trust in your facitly and look after Bella for a few days and in the first few hours Poor Bella is left unattended and missing Pure neglect !!!!! Just unacceptable in my book !

  • Trevor

    FYI, the dog was in a fenced in area when it was let out to use the bathroom. It didn't just "walk away". I hate to say it, but it was probably taken by a hawk, we have many in the area. I have dealt with the clinic for years and they are great people. I feel sorry for the owners and the clinic alike, but this is a fairly common occurrence(not that she went missing from a clinic but the she was most likely taken by a hawk).


      yes there is a Eagle in Beau Chene, a person i know lives there and took a actual picture…I think the clinic needs to make a enclosure on top of the fenced area after this incident .

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