Whole Foods in New Orleans’ Mid-City

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Whole Foods made it official.   They are coming to inner city New Orleans.   This, my friends, is a game changer.  For the neighborhood.   For the city.

Whole Foods Market has announced it’s building a 25,000 square foot store essentially in the hood.  On the corner of North Broad and Bienville, in the old Schwegmann’s.  The store has been shuttered since Katrina but now the organic grocery store giant is coming to the inner city.

Rouses built that beautiful store in the old Sewell Cadillac dealership on Baronne downtown and it’s doing great.  And now Whole Foods has decided leave its comfort zone and branch out into the inner city.  It’s a game changer for the better.

The new LSU teaching hospital and the new VA hospital being built just a few blocks away obviously has something to do with this.  Without that $2 billion-plus in medical infrastructure, I doubt Whole Foods would have even considered that neighborhood.

Whole Foods Market is coming to North Broad and Bienville.  And that is great news for that neighborhood and our city.