News with a Twist

Entergy is to blame for the Super Bowl blackout

It appears there is some good news and some bad news concerning the power outage at the Superdome during Super Bowl 47.

The good news first: I don’t think the city will be penalized for the incident.  The NFL and its team owners love coming to New Orleans and that hasn’t changed, even with the power outage.  The city has set itself up for a return visit of the big game, maybe as soon as 2018.

Now for the bad news: the entity most responsible for the power outage, during arguably the most important event in the history of the city, is none other than our power company, Entergy.  They are responsible for the blackout and no one else.

Entergy says the cause of the blackout was a faulty “switchgear relay,” essentially blaming a parts manufacturer out of Chicago.  That company, S & C Electric, says the part worked as designed and it was Entergy at fault for not having the relay set properly to receive a higher electrical current.

Either way, the buck stops with Entergy.  They purchased a part that malfunctioned, as they claim, or they incorrectly had that part calibrated, as the manufacturer claims.  Faulty part or not, it is ultimately Entergy to blame.


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