After Mardi Gras: the post-Carnival detox

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NEW ORLEANS – Once the party ends, many of us will want the detox to begin.

“Everything that would be a supplement for detox or hangover cure could be found in Whole Foods,” explains Joseph Stone at the Superfood Bar on Magazine Street.

When it comes to a healing your body through food, Joseph is an expert. He suggests cleansing your system with detoxifying food

“Anything high in vitamin C, greens, especially swiss chard, turnips radishes, fibrous foods,” are a good bet.

Stone says detox cure number one is coconut water. It’s been called mother nature’s Gatorade, and it’s chock full of electrolytes.”

“The one exceptional quality to young coconut water is that it’s isotonic,” Joseph says. “It has the perfect balance of minerals in relation to volume of liquid for your blood.”

That means your body doesn’t have to work hard to process it.

But there’s more to detoxifying than just your changing your diet.

“Something called dry skin brushing basically,” he says. “If you use a loofa in your shower before you get wet, that actually removes a lot of the dead cells.”

If you want to take it a step further, a coffee body wrap will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and rehydrated.

“The cafe au lait has caffeine so it promotes circulation and then it has lots of great essential oils, so that’s really what you’re trying to do is fix the dehydration,” according to Christy Rantz at the Ritz Carlton.

Their signature coffee scrub exfoliates dead skin while providing much needed antioxidants.

“Oh, it’s a great experience,” says Rantz. “It’s in our vichi shower so it’s 7 shower heads dumping warm water all over your body so you’re really going to feel good as you relax.”

If you’re not in the market for that, try at an at-home spa treatment: more affordable bath salts and body scrubs will also help release toxins.

After the fun and expected hangover, this will all help with a quick recovery.