Mardi Gras Royalty: Meet the Queen of Endymion

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NEW ORLEANS – “It’s bigger than Christmas for me. It’s my favorite holiday. I really do think that it sets New Orleans apart from any other city.”

18-year-old Victoria Hanzo is ready for the biggest moment in her life so far. This Archbishop Chapelle High School Senior, Panera Bread employee, and Kenner resident will be transformed into the Queen of Endymion come Saturday.

“My grandpa is the Captain of Endymion. He started it, and my aunt was queen, my mom was queen, and my other aunt was queen and my cousin was queen last year, so I’ve kind of been knowing since birth that I was going to be a queen when in was 18.”

“Her dad, me, the men, we ride every year, but the queen and the maids they do it one time,” says Ed Muniz, Captain of Endymion, “This particular granddaughter has been very interesting to watch. I remember when they were real little. The cousins would come to see the other girls who were queens that year, maids that year. All of a sudden it’s their turn.”

For now all the excitement surrounds the dresses and the coveted crown.

“I get to keep it forever, yes, and I’ll probably put it away and keep putting it on every now and then just to remind myself of when I was queen.”

Come Saturday Victoria expects to be blown away. She’ll be soaking in Endymion from a spot only 46 ladies before her have conquered.

“I go to Endymion every year because it’s my family’s thing, but I never got to experience it like this before so I’m really excited,” says Hanzo.