Super Bowl Fans Make Room For Mardi Gras Revelers

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NEW ORLEANS – As New Orleans cleans up after Super Bowl weekend, preparations are also underway for Mardi Gras.

“Outstanding,” said Dominick Pileggi visiting from Baltimore. “New Orleans was a great host town for super bowl.”

“Awesome!” “Great time,” Orlando native Robert Melillo said.

As the tens of thousands of Super Bowl fans make their exit, the rush is on to get ready for the tens of thousands of Mardi Gras revelers preparing to make their grand entrance.

“Been to Mardi Gras twice,” Pileggi said. “It’s a great time, and a great experience.”

“I would imagine it’s pretty stressful,” Pileggi said. “You go from one major event the city takes months planning for and right into another major event.”

Crews are moving like clock-work to clear stage equipment from Jackson Square.

The same kind of effort is underway along river-bound lanes of Poydras Street in front of the Superdome.

Remember those huge vinyl wraps on the dome and other buildings in the downtown corridor? All of them must come down; and workers are making it happen.

“This is a big operation, so it’s quite impressive,” Robert Melillo said.

“The way that they’re turning around the city I have to tell you it’s incredible,” Sheila Melillo said.

Robert and Shelia Melillo are visiting from Orlando.

On their way home, they’ll be thinking about police — and the short break they’ll have between the two big weekends; along with restaurant workers, and hotel staffers too.

“Super Bowl was already intense I can’t imagine it two times,” Sheila Melillo said.  “So anybody who is staying, they definitely are brave.”

Carnival parades resume starting Wednesday night, and continue every night through Mardi Gras.