Beyonce’s Dancer Talks Super Bowl & Blackout

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29-year-old Kimmie Gee knows how to bust a move. For the past five years she’s been hip shaking with Beyonce and this last performance has topped them all.

“I am still running on adrenaline,” says Kimmie, “We have never done anything this big and we’ve done a lot of big things. We’ve done a lot of huge arenas, we’ve done festivals, but this was incredible. People at home. People in the stadium. It was just larger than life.”

Moments after the Super Bowl Superdome blackout fans took to Twitter crediting Beyonce’s banging performance with wiping out the lights. Even her hubby, Jay-Z, couldn’t help but comment.

“That is a tough act to follow. You know, I didn’t even know there was a blackout until we got home. I was so just in the moment.”

Kimmie and Beyonce started preparing for the show in December. They’ve been in New Orleans for two weeks practicing at the Alario center. Long days and nights, but at the end it was all worth it.