Slidell police sport new Super Bowl badges

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The Slidell Police Department badge received a temporary makeover.

Police Chief Randy Smith says, “It’s exciting.  It makes me feel proud to be able to participate to include the Slidell Police Department in working the Super Bowl.”

Remember the last Super Bowl in New Orleans?  The crowds and traffic in 2002 is nothing compared to what it will be now.  The New Orleans Police Department needs all the help it can get.

“We’re sending officers to New Orleans to help with crowd control before, during, and after the game,” says Chief Smith.

So now when Slidell’s police officers suit up, they’ll be wearing a special Super Bowl commemorative badge made just for them.

“They’re very nice,” Smith adds.

The badges are gold.   They feature the Super Bowl XLVII logo along with the Vince Lombardi trophy.  The National Football League authorized the badges for the numerous police agencies approved by the NOPD.  They’re a hit with people in town.

“It’s recognition for someone who doesn’t do that this often,” says Slidell resident Tim Taylor.

Jerome Selzer works in Slidell.  He says, “How many police departments are going to have something like this?   We only have one Super Bowl a year and to have something like this is an honor.”

The specially made police badges cost $94.00 but the police department didn’t have to dig into tax payer money.  Instead, each officer dug into his own wallet.

“The officers themselves bought and paid for them, get to wear them, and keep them after the Super Bowl.”

All of Slidell’s hotels are booked.  The town will definitely benefit from the Super Bowl and to say people are passionate about the upcoming game is an understatement.

Resident Tim Taylor says, “Let’s bring in San Francisco.  Lets bring in the Ravens.  Lets bring in Ray Lewis and his energy.  Lets bring the two Harbaugh brothers.  Let them go at the 50 before the game goes, bloody noses and the whole 9 yards.”

If there are bloody noses, you can bet there will be more men in uniform with special badges to help.

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