Moving The Lombardi Trophy Is Almost As Difficult As Winning It

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The Lombardi Trophy for Sunday’s Super Bowl game didn’t arrive casually at the convention center Wednesday afternoon.  It had a police escort.

A crush of media waited for the delivery along with the man who would carry it inside, Saints fan favorite Deuce McAllister.

But Deuce couldn’t just grab the trophy.  Turns out, there’s some etiquette involved.  Deuce wore gloves.

“You can’t touch it.  Once the teams get it, they can touch it without gloves.  But I knew I’d have to wear gloves,” he said.

The St. Aug Marching 100 blasted their music as Deuce carried the trophy into the NFL Experience where it will remain for people to stand next to and have pictures taken.

Even before the trophy arrived, dozens of fans waited in line for their chance to pose with it.

“My husband had to bring his dad and his daughter to come out and check it out,” said Stacey Powell.

Many Saints fans wished it would be their team hoisting the trophy in the Superdome this Sunday.  But some are holding out hope for future Super Bowls opportunities.

We got other ones we could get,” said fan David Ugalde while referring to the 2018 game, “We could get that one.”

For Deuce, the job was done when he negotiated the obstacles to get the trophy in place without incident.

“I just didn’t want to drop it,” he joked.