Good Morning New Orleans / Get the Skinny

Essential Travel Snacks for Jocelyn

Jocelyn is about to go on the journey of a lifetime around the world, so today’s Get the Skinny is all about eating healthy, even on the road, and we’ve put together a gift bag of top travel essentials to add a boost of nutrition, whatever part of the world she’s in!


Healthy Hydration:

Water purification tablets

Emergen C (electrolyte-rich)

Coco Hydro Coconut Water (reconstitutes to make 25 cups of coconut water)


On-the-Go Protein:

Protein bars

Beef or turkey jerky

Peanut butter & almond butter squeeze packs

Laughing Cow Light Spreadable Cheese wedges

Tuna & salmon pouches


On-the-Go Fiber:

High fiber tortillas (my fave:  La Tortilla Factory)


Freeze-dried fruit ‘chips’ (e.g. Brothers All Natural)



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