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Women in combat

The Pentagon announced Thursday that women would be allowed to fight with men in combat.  The United States joins our Israeli allies and many other armed militaries around the world that let women fight with men on the front lines.

Generally speaking, the average man is bigger, stronger, and more physical than the average woman; but we aren’t talking about “the average” when we are talking about highly trained combat soldiers. These women, like the men, would be the exception, not the norm.

Not everybody is suited for military combat but obviously some people are, including women.  It’s more about choice and the fair chance of advancement than women fighting at the front of a war.  Women in our military deserve the same consideration as the men, and that includes the same chances for promotion.  Not restricting female military will help accomplish that goal.

Honestly, in 2013 America how can you tell an adult woman that she is not allowed to do something that a man is allowed to do? Not allowed?!?  Let each individual decide.

If a woman can meet or exceed the prerequisites of being a combat soldier, who are we to tell her she can’t fight?


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