The Feds finally got Ray Nagin

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We all know that he’s “innocent until proven guilty,” but by looking at the record of former U.S. Attorney Jim Letten’s office and the multitude of witnesses that have plead guilty to bribing the ex-mayor, things look pretty gloomy for Ray Nagin.

The criminal behavior doesn’t surprise me. Nagin lacked ethics and morals long before he broke any laws. Who could forget the lunches and dinners with his wife that Nagin simply charged to the city credit card? Not because it was right or justified but because he could.  When first confronted about literally dozens and dozens — if not hundreds and hundreds — of free meals for himself and his wife, Nagin first denied it.  Then when shown proof of the meals paid for by city tax dollars, Nagin simply said he and his wife were talking city business.

If the petty free meals weren’t enough, how about the many international trips the Nagins took on the city’s nickel? China, Panama, Cuba, South Africa, Australia … just to name a few.  These so called “economic opportunity” trips were just junkets the mayor somehow justified. Not one job created.  Not one dollar for the city. Just expenses.

When one considers the lack of integrity of the ex-mayor on the free meals and trips, this criminal indictment isn’t that surprising.