If Governor Jindal Wants To Be President Why Not Be 1st President of LA Republic!?

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Republican blowhard Karl Rove recently rolled through town and waxed on the prospect of Governor Jindal being a serious candidate for the Presidency in 2016. That Rove’s blessing on such matters is relevant tells you a lot about the state of the Grand Old Party: it’s aging, elitist, white guy membership is still aging and white which wouldn’t matter if they weren’t so morally corrupt.

This is not to promote the antithesis to the GOP, what I like to call, the Evil Party that you know as Democrats but while we’re on the subject of the Presidency why don’t we get really courageous and ponder another possibility: Jindal running for the Presidency of… the Louisiana Republic.

Don’t laugh. With the federal menace becoming ever more… well menacing, many very serious people consider Independence an exhilarating option.

What is to be gained by electing our first President since 1866? For starters Louisiana is a resource and agriculture rich state without equal. We have direct access to North America’s mightiest river, the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. Our delta farmlands can produce vast quantities of sugar, soy beans, corn, tomatoes and of course cotton.

Our industrial capacity is legendary with chemical plants that produce the compounds needed for all kinds of manufacturing. Louisiana is also blessed with an impressive supply of natural gas, oil and oil shale. Just imagine the prosperity of our people when we can keep 100% of oil & gas revenues!

Then there are the intangibles needed to be a true republic: culture, common interests and hereditary connections. Our culture & cajun heritage is famous the world over and our common interests are displayed on car bumpers across the state from “ya mama was pro-life dawlin” to “I bleed purple & gold”.

So how about it Louisiana, why continue in this corrupt soon to be bankrupt Union when we could be practically calling ourselves “The Who Dat Nation” and mean it?

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