News with a Twist

2013 Zulu Poster Revealed

“I started out painting on the floor, but now sit on little benches. I guess I’ve upgraded,” says Artist Terrance Osborne.

Whether on the floor or on a stool New Orleans’ own Terrance Osborne has mastered the art of painting and this Mardi Gras he’s been given the ultimate gift: free reign over the Zulu poster.

“Traditionally I think that the Zulu posters have come from Zulu’s perspective. So I noticed that, and I wanted it to have more mass appeal. I said that I wanted it to have a New Orleans feel first and then add Zulu to it.”

Osborne first focused on the neighborhood bringing houses to life.

“I grew up playing under these houses, so I got to understand the houses, so when I became an adult and started painting them it was easy. I just relied on my memory.”

Next he added the characters synonymous with Zulu.

Surprisingly Osborne is not riding in Zulu.

“I’d like to but no one’s asked.”

He hasn’t even caught a coconut! He says he’ll spend Mardi Gras morning watching Zulu sidewalk side on Canal Street.

To purchase the Zulu poster visit or


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