Clerk Robbed At Gunpoint Relives Nightmare

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OrtizNew Orleans Police have a warning for convenient store clerks.

Armed thieves have been targeting Shell Gas Stations.

Diego Ortiz is back at work, not even 24-hours after he was robbed at gunpoint.

“I’m not scared; I’m upset you know, you can’t do anything,” robbery victim Diego Ortiz said.

Tense moments were captured by security cameras mounted inside the store.

It was around 8-30 Tuesday night when the store clerk looked up and into the barrel of a big black semi-automatic handgun.

The gunman wore a hoodie and bandanna to conceal his identity. He wasted no time going straight for the loot stashed inside both cash registers.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter asked, “What did he say? He just told me give me all the money,” Ortiz replied.

Diego says the gung ho gunman asked him to put the money inside a cigar box, while he grabbed several packs of cigarettes.

But the frantic Delgado Community College student dropped some of the cash on the floor.

“That’s when he got mad at me, because I dropped the money,” Ortiz said. “He told me something like.”

“He told me I shoot you, shoot you if you do that again; I shoot you,” Ortiz said.

Lucky for him, no shots were fired.

Investigators say the robber was in and out of the store in exactly one minute.

It’s no wonder to long-time customers.

“no I’m not surprised,” UNO student Gaetano Sergi said.

Both the Shell station and the Daiquiri shop across the street have each been robbed three times within the past year.

“If you have the window, lock your doors, use it,” New Orleans Police Detective Bianca Deirish said. “The clerk walk-up window if you have that use it.”

Detective Bianca Deirish says citywide Shell stations have recently been robbed in alarming numbers.

She hopes the public will solve this one caught on tape.

“On his structure, his clothing, because friends and family know their friends clothing and the way he walks, and he’s left handed,” Deirish said.

If you recognize the man in the video, wearing a black leather coat with a hood, call Crimestoppers (504) 822-1111.

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