News with a Twist

Dancing With Justin Bieber

She’s the envy of most young women. Elysandra Quinones spends her time traveling with Justin Bieber. Her job is to make the pop star shine and stage, and by the looks of it it’s working!

Ely dances for Justin Bieber with Luke Broadlick and a group of 10 other dancers.

“He’s super cool,” says Quinones, “We have a prayer every night before the show and then we do like a chant, a group chant.”

“He’s one of those talents so it’s cool to just be around it,” explains Broadlick, “We just kick it when we’re in another city, normal kid stuff, guy stuff, man stuff.”

While taking a break from the daily grind Justin’s dancers gave back by teaching a class on their day off at LA Motion in the Garden District. It’s become one of the hottest gyms frequented by stunt doubles and celebrities and now the hottest dancers.

Owner Nito Larioza says, “I’m a dancer and the one thing I do love is performing and dancing and I thought the best thing I could is have special guests here that are on tour like Justin, like Madonna teach classes here. Learn from the best people in the industry.”

Larioza says he working on getting Beyonce’s dancers at his gym while they are here preparing for the Super Bowl.


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