Dodging Birds at Lafreniere Park

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If you haven’t been to Lafreniere park in Metairie lately, it’s worth checking out. It’s beautiful, there’s a two mile trail for walking and running and it’s also sort of a sanctuary for birds.  As News With A Twist reporter Deepak Saini explains, that can be a problem.

It’s morning in Lafreniere Park.  The creatures are stirring.

“If you’re not already awake, they’ll remind you it’s morning time,” says Maurice Opotowsky.

Roosters, chickens and ducks.  They have their space and we humans have ours.  Or so we think!  They’re everywhere.  Even on your car!

“I don’t know really who owns the park. Either they do or we do,” says Charlie Detraz.

A simple run can turn into a game of angry birds.

“Sometimes there will be a territorial rooster that doesn’t like me on his path and he comes after me,” says Tim Campos.

But sometimes it’s the rooster that needs rescuing.  Oh, I bet he’s pooped.  No, really, just look around.  When us humans have to go, we’ve got a place to go, but for these guys out here, the whole park is their port-a-potty.

“There’s definitely a lot of bird doo along the path,” says Stephanie Fitts.

Doo or no doo, sharing the path with these birds might ruffle some feathers but it ensures a trip to Lafreniere Park is always an adventure.

“It’s certainly neat to see wildlife in the park like that,” says Tim Campos.

Hey, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.