Police Determined to Catch a Violent Repeat Offender Seen Beating a Store Owner with His Gun

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Surveillance camera`s catch a robber pistol whipping a store owner then making off with cash.

The N.O.P.D.  says the suspect is 26 year old Anthony Fields.

“This is a brutal, vicious, cowardly, thuggish, punk attack!” says Superintendent Ronal Serpas.  “This is a dangerous man who does not deserve to walk on the streets of New Orleans.

The man who runs Adam’s food store in Mid-City says he`s grateful police were able to id the criminal who jumped over the counter, attacking with a hand gun on Saturday, “Sunday they already had the suspects name and everything.”

The store owner provided WGNO clearer images of Fields caught on camera when he came in earlier… without the hoody, “I`m not going to lie on the floor when he told me to lie on the floor.  I don`t let you shoot me in my back. I`m gonna go out fighting.”

“Fields has been in and out of the criminal justice system . It is disgusting,” says Serpas.  “The only reason this isn`t a murder is because our victim was blessed by god that day. You can see, he`s hurt pretty bad.”

“I`m just glad nothing broken,” says the store owner.

Police are determined to put Fields back behind bars before he attacks again, “We really want to catch this guy and we want the public’s help.  Our message to Anthony is, you should just turn yourself in.”

Doctors patched up the store owner with seven stables to the head, six stitches to an eyebrow and glued his nose back together.

Police say Fields made off with about $500 dollars.

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