Mandeville Coyote Update

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Following up a story first reported on WGNO News, a Mandeville neighborhood could consider bringing in trappers to solve its recent coyote problems.

Wednesday afternoon, a professional trapper visited the neighborhood to evaluate the problem.

The coyotes have killed — and presumably eaten — at least three or four pets in the Beau Chene neighborhood.

But trapping the coyotes could prove to be difficult in an area with plenty of woods, wild animals, children, and lose pets.  Beau Chene Homeowners Association General Manager Bill Maier told WGNO News that setting traps could snare other wild animals like raccoons.  He also worried what might happen if a child found the snared animal before a professional trapper.

Maier says Beau Chene is one of several neighborhoods on the north shore that deal with coyote problems from time to time.  It goes with the tranquil territory.

Maier said the neighborhood association could consider allowing trappers, but there are other complications that deal with private versus public property.

At least one owner of a wooded lot in the subdivision refused to give permission for trappers to set humane snares on her property.  Instead she is urging pet owners to keep their animals indoors at night.

Last month, WGNO News showed you photos of a coyote found on the N. Causeway Blvd access road, near one of the entrances to Beau Chene.  The animal appeared to have been hit by a passing car.  But even after its death, other pets were killed.

Maier said it doesn’t matter how many coyotes might be trapped because there will almost always be more.


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  • popseal

    The ACME SHOE CO. has a line of road runner approved "rocket shoes" that give you a good chance of catching those little stinkers. Leather football helmets are suggested as low hanging rocks will leave a mark, to say nothing of those anvils that occasionally fall mysteriously from the sky.

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