News with a Twist

We need Mary Landrieu’s help to choose a replacement for U.S. Attorney Jim Letten

Senator Mary Landrieu has her hands full.  In a little under two years, Landrieu faces a re-election challenge like she’s never faced, and one of the deciding factors in that 2014 race might be who Landrieu chooses as Jim Letten’s replacement.

Obviously it’s not Landrieu’s choice to make, but President Obama is reportedly going to choose from a list Landrieu supplies him.  Lets hope Mary doesn’t let politics or an election influence her on her choice.

Landrieu needs to keep politics and politicians out of her decision.  We need and deserve an apolitical U.S. attorney, like Jim Letten was. One who goes after all criminals, regardless of politics.  And we need a U.S. Attorney who’s color blind, like Jim Letten was, who goes after all criminals, regardless of color of skin.

Jim Letten set the bar at an incredibly high level.  Mary Landrieu has one of the most important decisions to make in her political career.  Lets hope she keeps politics and winning future elections out of the process.


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