Republicans need to clean out the extremists from their political party

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It’s really got to be an unfortunate time to be a republican in America today, especially here in Louisiana.  Now, I’m talking about mainstream conservative republicans, not these extremists that have taken over. The wacky right has ruined the party for the regular republicans.

The republican party in this country used to stand for lower taxes, less government intervention, and a strong defense.  Now the republican party, taken over by the insane, has decided alienating everyone is a better plan than inclusion.  From gay rights to abortion to illegal aliens to guns, it seems that the far right is not only out of touch with main stream America, but are out of touch with reality.  Almost hell bent on being contrary.

The latest and greatest from the crazy extreme right: assault weapons.  Obviously after the Connecticut school shooting, America is re-evaluating assault weapons and if they should be legal.   Instead of engaging in a real conversation or debate on this critical topic, the wacky right goes on the attack.  Against liberals, against those they feel are attacking the 2nd amendment, against anyone.  They want assault weapons available to the general public no matter what. I’m pretty sure the general public feels differently.

Republicans need to take a good hard look at themselves and figure out how to eliminate the extremest from their party.  Otherwise it won’t be a party at all.