Holiday Spirit Flows at Magnolia School

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Christmas came early at the Magnolia School for adults with developmental disabilities.

A Juggler, magician, carolers, a second line and of course Santa Claus brought miles of smiles to Friday evening’s yuletide extravaganza.

“It’s a party atmosphere,” says President Digges Morgan. “Particularly with the season of Christmas right here on us and all of our adult clients are just real excited about Santa Claus.”

Founded in 1935 in Jefferson Parish, Digges says Magnolia School is located on an old sugar plantation that operated before the civil war. “And they used to own all the lands from the levee which we’re close to right now all the way back to Lake Pontchartrain.”

Digges says Magnolia School maintains 19 group homes and when school is in session more than 250 adult students come to learn, “They even go out into the community and work and support employment endeavors.”

The adult’s come to school for vocational instruction and on Digges says on this night, to celebrate the holidays, “It’s just part of the Christmas spirit that we have here at Magnolia.”

The New Orleans saints quarterback was also given notice of tonight’s Christmas show as the Magnolia School is vying for a special grant through the Drew Brees Dream foundation.