Ponchatoula Schools Get Mail Threats

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On the first day back at school after the Newtown shooting, two elementary schools in Ponchatoula received threatening letters through the mail.

Ponchatoula police are investigating who mailed the letters addressed to Perrin Early Learning Center and Tucker Elementary School.

“I didn’t hear about it until I got home and I read it on facebook,” says parent Reanna Ragas.

“They won’t tell us anything at school,” says her daughter.

The Tangipahoa parish School System was unavailable for comment and the Ponchatoula Police Department says they’re not going on camera.

“My kid’s school was on lockdown,” says Ragas.  “I found out when she came home from school they were on lock down.”

In a statement the chief of police says the department has no knowledge of any Ponchatoula school being placed on lock down.

“That’s what read too,” says Ragas.  “And at her school she told me that her school windows, they had to tape up their windows with paper.”

Police won’t release specifics but say the two letters contained threats towards administrators at the two schools.

They say officers will be present at all schools for the remainder of the week.

“No, they didn’t contact us to let us know or anything. Or at least I wasn’t. And nobody else I know was alerted either,” says Ragas.

Ponchatoula police believe the letters came from the same source.

They’ve sent the evidence to the Louisiana State Police crime lab for processing.