Aaron Broussard should be a comedian, after his jail sentence

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Aaron Broussard might have a second career after he gets out of the federal slammer.  The ex-Jefferson Parish president, who has plead guilty to a number of crimes, went to war against former U.S. Attorney Jim Letten and his office.

Broussard, originally known mostly as the guy who shut the pumps off during Katrina and flooded half his parish, is now known as just another corrupt politician that Letten’s office nailed to the wall.  But he now feels that maybe the prosecutors in Letten’s office didn’t play fair, depriving him of his rights by blogging on Nola.com.

Broussard has a shot, not at getting off but at a potential 2nd career after he gets out of the federal slammer as a stand up comedian.

Two simple questions need to be asked in this situation: did any blogging from Letten’s office influence anyone, any where, at any time? I seriously doubt it.

The 2nd question is, did any of the silly shenanigans in Letten’s office change any of the crimes Broussard has already plead guilty to?   How about the other 40 years in office, as a councilman, as Kenner mayor, as parish president.  You think Broussard did anything illegal then?   I certainly wouldn’t bet against it.

Broussard, a convicted felon on multiple counts, won’t change his guilty plea to not guilty.   He just want someone else to take the risk and set him free.  It’s not going to happen.  Getting off won’t be the next event for Aaron Broussard.   His sentencing will be.  Jail time is next and then maybe, the comedy circuit.