NOPD: Shooting in 9000 block of Bunker Hill injures 14-year-old

When do you think free speech goes too far?

CaptureAfter the Westboro Baptist Church tweeted their plans to picket at Sandy Hook Elementary School, computer hackers retaliated.

The hack-tivist group “Anonymous” announced that they would post personal information of members of the church, as well as take down their website.

Anonymous says the church group is breeding hatred and cannot be tolerated.

The Westboro group has made the headlines in the past for protesting military and celebrity funerals to protest gay rights.

Our Food for Thought question: When do you think free speech goes too far?

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  • weed doctors

    I have read about this group called ‘Anonymous’. They have the right to their opinion but this goes too far! A church is supposed to be a place where people come to pray! A place like that should never be disturbed! Thumbs down to the group!

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