Spray Paint Everywhere: Police on the trail of North Shore Graffiti Taggers

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Mandeville police are after graffiti vandals on a cross town spray painting rampage.

“It’s pretty rare that we’re getting all this in a short period of time,” says Lt. Gerald Sticker.

Three times in a two week period taggers left their mark on public property, opening up a new graffiti investigation for Mandeville Police

“We suspect these are teenagers. Or late teens early 20’s,” says Sticker.

Armed with spray paint, they vandalized a vacated city storage property, spray painted on Mandeville harbor columns where  boats tie up to along the lake front.

And  at Mandeville City Park where vandals tagged inside the men’s lavatory.

“These particular one’s have always been the same tag with HAWG or in this case here, what I believe to be is DEERO.”

Sticker says detectives are keen on where to look, “They also are proud of their work and they’ll put it on facebook or some type of social media.”

Going public helped police solve a graffiti epidemic last spring, “And sure enough someone had seen it on a facebook page and reported it to us via crime stoppers and we were able to clear probably about a half dozen graffiti cases.”

Sticker says police are confident they’ll nab these graffiti taggers too because they say “where” these vandals choose to destroy tax payer’s property is so brazen, “Directly between city hall and the police department. They’re looking at more fines and more jail time. So it’s really just senseless.”

Police say the longer these taggers keep vandalizing, the higher criminal charges will elevate once they are caught.