New Trial Ordered For Convicted NOPD Officer

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A new trial has been ordered for former New Orleans Police Officer David Warren in the 2005 shooting death of Henry Glover.

“How could this happen, without us knowing anything; not telling us nothing,” aunt Rebecca Glover said.

It was a staggering blow to the Glover family.

Monday, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed two guilty verdicts for former NOPD Officer David Warren in the 2005 shooting death of Henry Glover.

Defense attorneys had argued that David Warren should not have been tried alongside other officers charged in the case.

Instead they wanted Warren tried separately; but the motion was denied in district court.

“The result was a lot of prejudicial information came in which we objected to and I think any policeman in this situation is entitled to have his actions whether he shoots or doesn’t shoot his weapon in self-defense free of all the type of things in this particular trial,” defense attorney Rick Simmons said.

WARRENA new trial has been ordered for David Warren.

The appellate court’s ruling was welcomed by the Warren family.

“It’s definitely good news before Christmas for our family and we’re looking forward to going forward with this,” David’s wife Kathy Warren said.

But it was unexpected by the Glover’s.

“I mean we thought we could pick up our pieces and go on but like we gotta relive this all over again,” Rebecca Glover said.

“We tried to get the state of Louisiana to prosecute this and they refused to. We tried to get Jim Letten to prosecute this and he refused to. We finally got the Department of Justice in here and we still have problems having to deal with inequality in an unequal country,” said C. W. Johnson with Communities United for Change.

The Glover family fears a new trial will result in a different outcome.

“We were always fearful that this was not a permanent verdict,” said Malcolm Suber with Communities United for Change.

“I am sick and I can’t go through this anymore, I just wish it would come to a close,” Glover’s mother Edna Glover said.

Defense attorneys are working to get bail for Warren after 2.5 years behind bars.

They’re also planning to move for a change in venue to ensure a fair trial.