Speedy Noil

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Edna Karr junior quarterback Speedy Noil led his team to the class 4A championship, defeating Neville in the title game last Friday night.

Speedy threw a 20-yard touchdown pass to Glenn Irons. He also led the cougars on a game winning 4th quarter drive, that included a key Noil pickup of a 4th down and 2.

Speedy was named the New Orleans Quarterback Club and Friday Night Football’s Best Chevrolet Player of the Year.

Head coach Jabbar Juluke’s two previous starting quarterbacks were the University of Cincinnati’s Munchie Legaux and Tollette George of Alcorn State.

“The trait that they all have? They are very shy, very confident football players at the same time,” Juluke explains. “They are very coachable kids. Speedy has one more year. I don’t want to give him the best title yet. If I had to put them in order, it’s Munchie, Tonka, Speedy right now.”