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Saints fans deserve some answers

There are lots of unanswered question out on Airline Drive.

The Saints’ season is history. 5 wins in December and it feels like old times: no chance at the playoffs.

But obviously, these aren’t old times.  It’s still the Drew Brews era and that means the Saints will always have a chance.  This season is done. The NFL and Sean Payton saw to that. Yeah, head coach Sean Payton too. The very Sean Payton all Saints fans hope returns next season to coach the team, myself included.

The coach is a free agent right now and could end up coaching the Dallas Cowboys.   ESPN is reporting that Tom Benson is considering suing the NFL if Payton were to leave for big D.

It’s amazing how it all came down to this. If you were to listen to Drew Brews this week you’d think the Saints organization did absolutely nothing wrong.

Maybe someone in the local media could ask Brees that simple question: “Did your team do anything wrong?” Another good question from the local media would be “When did the Saints get notified by the league that Payton’s contract wasn’t valid?”

Why hasn’t the local media had a sit down Q-and-A with newly reinstated general manager Mickey Loomis?

This season is history, but Saints fans deserve some answers to some basic questions that remain unanswered.


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