Who do you blame for the bounty scandal?

CaptureNow that the bounty ruling is over, the finger pointing has begun!

Former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is now saying that he tried to shut down the team’s bounty system, but was overruled by assistant head coach Joe Vitt.

Williams testified that Vitt responded to the suggestion with a profanity laden speech saying Goodell “wasnt going to tell them what to do.”

Our Food for Thought question: Who do you blame for the bounty scandal?

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    I don't know that there is any one culprit in a case like this. Anyone who is in the know that didn't blow the whistle is just as guilty as the orchestrators.

  • Laurie Kullman

    I blame Roger Goddell. I truly think this was a political move because they didn't want our team playing in New Orleans for the Super Bowl.

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