Should restaurants be allowed to pick and choose who they offer discounts to?

265375_242429722447719_2382616_oWho knew that some Louisiana home cooking could cause so much controversy?

A Pennsylvania restaurant, Prudhomme’s Lost Cajun Kitchen, was offering a Sunday discount to church-goers that would bring in a flyer from their congregation.

However, the Freedom from Religion Foundation – an atheist group – says that’s not fair and filed a complaint.

State officials are allowing the restaurant’s promotion to continue, but they must now offer the same discount to any religious group, even atheists.

Our Food for Thought question:  Should restaurants be allowed to pick and choose who they offer discounts to?

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  • liz

    I think it depends. Some discounts should be made for certain groups of people, for example: their own employees. Some businesses have S.I.N. (service industry night) discounts. The whole purpose of a discount is to bring in more business. I don't believe the restaurant intended to keep Atheists out , but to bring large groups of people (who are usually in a good giving mood like, um , I don't know… a congregation) in.
    I believe had the Freedom from Religion Foundation simply gone to speak to a manager, they too would probably have gotten the same discount . Heck, Cajun Kitchen probably would have asked to bring the whole foundation … and tell a friend. Anyway, Prudhomme’s Lost Cajun Kitchen got more publicity for it. Now it's not so lost.

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