Customer follows crooks after bar is robbed, gets license plate for cops

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They say it’s a bar where everybody knows your name, but the sleepy, smoky, residential Turtle Bar in Metairie Monday night endured a minute-long scare that cleaned out patrons and the business’ earnings.

The pub at 8001 Karen Street was invaded by a group of mask-wearing, money-hungry gunmen who collected bags full of the bar’s cash and wallets of customers, leading to arrests of two and the search for an at-large, alleged stick-up man.

One anonymous customer decided his nervous night would come with more adventure.

“As they went out the door, I went behind them, gave them enough lead time that I knew I couldn’t be shot, and I jumped in my vehicle and chased them,” said the victim.

As the crooks sped off in their getaway vehicle, the pursuing victim stayed with them through the residential streets near the bar, fumbling in his SUV for a pencil to log the license plate of the getaway car.

“I stuck with him long enough to write it down,” he said.

“As I was chasing them, they slowed down several times in order to let the others bail out, and when they did, I slowed down because I was in fear they were going to jump out shooting.”

The victim told WGNO News Wednesday night he successfully drove off after collecting the license plate number.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office announced Wednesday, the license plate number led them to the arrest of the accused getaway driver, Daniel Shaw, 18, and alleged accomplice, Henry Chairs, 21.

Detectives said Shaw confessed to being the driver “and provided information regarding the other suspects.”

A third suspect, Lance McIntyre, 21, of 926 Calhoun Street in Metairie is said to still be wanted on three counts of armed robbery.

Anyone with information on McIntyre’s whereabouts is urged to call Crimestoppers at (504)822-1111.

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