Jupiter lala Jewelry: Using Fossils, and Spanish Moss in A Whimsical Way

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Jupiter lala is a line of handcrafted jewelry which uses history and story-telling with a southern flair.   Trained gemologist, Megan Victoria, and her husband Paul Rickett recently moved to New Orleans, where they decided to start Jupiter lala.  Fickett lived in Las Vegas working for Cirque De Soleil.   Megan lived in Los Angeles where she worked as a gemologist and jeweler.  Together their lives collided and Jupiter la la was born.  He does the constructing, while Megan dreams up the concepts and stories for the bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings.    For them it’s extremely important their collections, “Predator and Prey”, “Sea and Stars” and “The Winter Range” all have stories to go along with their shine.

“My inspiration comes from everyday life.  People I see, things I feel around me.  Talking to people and hearing their stories helps me come up with the inspiration for our work,” she said.

Each piece of jewelery includes the inspiration, the story, an ancient proverb, or a moment experienced by Megan and Paul.  A few of their latest pieces are a monkey bracelet inspired by the Barrel of Monkeys game, and earrings made out of local Spanish moss that are dipped delicately in gold.

These jewelry creators even use fossils, meteorites, and real 17th century pieces used in war placement battle-field set ups.

“You’re wearing a true piece of history around your neck,”  he said.

Jupiter lala is in limited production.  They work out of their apartment in Uptown New Orleans on Napoleon Ave.

When a person buys one of their pieces it’s a gurantee they are wearing something extremely special.

“They all have their stories jupiterlala1and people remember those times and they can relate to the piece they are wearing,” she said.   There’s no doubt their hand-crafted work is just as unique and whimsical as the city they’re creating it in.

“We felt why not come to a place that’s so rich and inviting.  It seemed like the perfect choice for us,”  he said.

The Jupiter lala collection is available for pre-order this holiday season at http://www.jupiterlala.com.

They are also currently looking for a boutique to sell some of their work.

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  • Erin Scott

    I have seen Megans work, it is truly inspired as she has seen the whole world. I have also known Paul for a long time and he is pure genius. Their pieces are as fantastic as they are.

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