Final Talks before Water Rate Hike Vote

The New Orleans City Council is set to vote Thursday on a proposed rate hike that would double sewage and water bills by the year 2020.

According to the rate study an average water bill for a household of 4 will go from $52 a month to $112 by the year 2020.

On Wednesday the Budget Committee grilled the Sewage and Water Board task force double checking if the $582 million price tag to fix the city`s water and sewer infrastructure is accurate.

The rate increase plan also calls for the city to find an additional $160 million for the Corps of Engineers for cost share, relocation, operations and maintenance and then storm proofing.

The city says 40% of all water flowing through the system is leaking.

They also say the health of users is at risk.

The city says money generated from the rate increase will help fund a $3.3 billion capital improvement program.

The council will move to vote at 10am Thursday.



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