What’s the worst thing a neighbor has ever done to you?

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Do you hate your obnoxious neighbors and wish they could be whisked away and not to return until they learn some manners?  That’s what Amsterdam’s mayor wants to do.

He plans to exile nuisance neighbors and anti-social citizens to housing camps where they will be under police supervision for six months.

Our Food for Thought question: What’s the worst thing a neighbor has ever done to you?


  • jufaswife

    Once when my daughter had a party after her prom, someone (don't know who) called the police because of the noise they were making outside. The police came by and said they didn't see any problem, as the noise was just laughing and loud talking, but he had to follow through on the call. I thought that was not necessary in the first place, all they had to do was come ring my doorbell and tell me!

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