Super Bowl improvements are great, but investing in the future is key

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In 2 short months, New Orleans will host Super Bowl 47, the 10th game to played in our city and 7th in the Superdome. We are experts at putting on a world class show.  We definitely know how to throw a successful party.

Right now in the city we are presently working on millions and millions of dollars worth of projects, quickly trying to get them finished in time for the big game: road projects in the CBD and French Quarter, sprucing up neutral grounds, repainting the train trellis on I-10 by the cemeteries, and other projects to make the city look good.   Make it look normal, not run down.   A solid investment if there ever was one.

But New Orleans is famous for finally getting the money together to improve something but not having future money in place to maintain the improvements.  Upgrades are essential, but maintaining the investment is key.

About a decade ago, the city finally replanted the garden in the median of I-10 in New Orleans East.  It was a first class job.  One problem: no planning or money for upkeep and maintenance.  So within a few short months, most of the plants and trees were dead or over taken by weeds.

Upgrades to the infrastructure of the city is obviously necessary, but having a future budget in place to maintain the investment is equally as important.  Let’s upgrade New Orleans for the Super Bowl. Let’s just make sure we maintain the improvements long into the future.